Thursday, March 11, 2010

Get it together.


I have been in New York City just three months shy of a year after finishing grad school. My, how time flies.

After 6 months of rent-free air bed living, wading through a depression because I realized school is actually over, and finally finding some employment that makes this life worth living; I am finally in the process of building my dream.

And guess what? It's a lot of work.

So don't be too sad if I don't write on the blog as often as I used to. Instead, know that I'm writing my vision. And...

setting up a website, getting business cards, putting together a press kit, looking for donors and grants, networking, choreographing a piece that goes up in May, planning new works to create this summer and re-stagings for next year, rehearsing three more to perform myself this spring, and teaching the babies.

Keep up with me on my events calendar. And twitter.

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