Thursday, September 2, 2010


(Note: Still no internet so I'm posting what I have to say that doesn't require me to put in any hyper links or do serious editing, lol. Enjoy!)

If you follow me on twitter and kept up with me yesterday afternoon you know that I need new shoes, badly. The short of the story is that the one and only pair of flat sandals I have straight busted while I was walking home from work. I went into the corner store and did a scotch tape fix which held me down until I got two avenues from home. It then took me 20 min to limp/drag my left foot from Lenox to Madison in which I had to S L O W L Y bypass the old men and young men who always have something to say, and HAD to respond to them. (Though, I guess I could have pretended to be deaf and lame.) Where was Prince Charming when I needed him? *sigh* At work.

This isn't the first time I've worn a pair of shoes literally to death. Two years ago I wore a pair of sneakers to my twice daily step aerobics class until the sole began to flap. My Best Friend talked about my shoe talking for days. Then one day the sole just came straight off... While stepping! I told my daddy about it and he just gave me his credit card, no questions asked. "Go buy some new shoes."

It's not that I don't like new shoes. In fact I LOOOVE new shoes. Shoes are the greatest! But my disposable income is limited and I'm a practical kind of gal. So if I can get away with having one decent pair of shoes and wear them out to a NYC event where I mite spend a dollar or two, I'll do that. I just generally shop on an as-NEEDED basis. And I take the word "need" literally.

Yesterday was September 1st and I took the shoe incident as a reminder of the newness Fall brings. This year I'm not freaking out about not starting a new school year. Instead I'm busy being a homemaker in my NEW apartment. I'm starting rehearsals for NEW dance projects. I'm making my teaching schedule for NEW dance classes. I'm looking for NEW work opportunties.
After a restful July and August, I'm ready to go full steam ahead, professionally and personally. With the arrival of September is a commencement to propel me forward through to the end of 2010. I am looking forward to what the coming months will bring.

Today, however, will bring me a new pair of shoes, and hopefully a new purse. It's literally coming a part in pieces every time I put it on my shoulder, lol.

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