Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Can you think of 100 things that make you happy?


(In no particular order)

1. Hugs
2. Kisses
3. Cuddling
4. Good friends
5. My family
6. Cooking good food (to share).
7. Eating good food.
8. Dancing.
9. Movie dates with my parents.
10. Chocolate
11. Exploring NYC
12. Barnard College
13. Dreaming of dances and watching them become reality.
14. Touch
15. lots of natural light
16. Colors (the ones in the rainbow).
17. Shopping and finding a fantastic deal.
18. Writing
19. Books
20. Accomplishing goals
21. Baths
22. Music!
23. Manicures and pedicures complete with colored nail polish
24. Singing
25. Wine
26. Helping people
27. When others help me.
28. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
29. My Stister/Aunt Marjie/Grandma's pound cake
30. Eating crabs
31. Mosley Family road trips
32. Traveling any where new
33. High heel shoes
34. Freshly done hair
35. Pillows
36. When someone else does the dishes.
37. Dresses!
38. Laughing so hard it hurts.
39. When Best Friend is by my side.
40. Talking to someone until I fall asleep.
41. Lamps
42. When I see my students improve and progress.
43. Performing
44. day dreaming
45. Meeting new people
46. Snail mail, emails that just say "Hey"
47. Seeing dance performances
48. Sleep overs
49. Popcorn
50. A good action/suspense/thriller movie ( a "Whodunit?" movie)
51. Baking sugar cookies at Christmas time
52. Going on dates
53. Having a routine
54. Having work/life balance
55. Learning new things
56. Asking questions
57. Being challenged
58. Talking on the telephone
59. Massages
60. Holding hands
61. Sleeping
62. Jumping around and doing happy dances.
63. Lots of textures and tastes all mixed up together; juxtaposition.
64. Candles
65. Having an incentive.
66. My Birthday!
67. Spring time
68. Intellectual conversation and reflection
69. Believing in something greater than myself
70. Gift giving
71. Gift receiving
72. Gilmore Girls!
73. Having my own space.
74. Spending lots and lots of time with other people.
75. The beach.
76. Being spontaneous.
77. Making plans in advance.
78. Snow.
79. Looking out the window during airplane flights.
80. Doing things for people just because I care about them. No questions asked.
81. Sitting in the absolute center of the row when seeing a movie in the theater. 82. Raisinets
83. Being organized
84. Earrings
85. Mini-vacations to Baltimore
86. Extremely long walks
87. Speaking my mind, not holding back
88. Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!
89. Parents who raised me right and are unfailingly (is that a word?) supportive
90. Playing monopoly or taboo.
91. Feeling my center (abdominals) engaged, but not because I did sit ups.
92. Plies
93. Crunchy/chunky peanut butter
94. Photo albums
95. Seeing clouds that look like perfect marshmallows.
96. Being independent.
97. Being codependent.
98. Being busy.
99. Having absolutely nothing to do.
100. Having a job that allows me to see the sunshine everyday.
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Andrea said...

This is great. Of course 101 would be dates with Andrea. But I know you didnt add that because everyone would be jealous :-) YAY for being happy and happy things!

Crystal said...

#93 - We had a conversation at the work lunch table yesterday saying there are 2 kinds of ppl either crunchy or smooth...I'm a crunchy too!...but their is a 3rd - the allergic - too bad :(

Stan said...

I dunno why I don't remember this post, but I love it anyway! Happy Birthday Girlie! (2017)


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