Monday, September 8, 2008

On Procrastination, Studying and School

At this wee hour on a Monday morning, I'd just like to share an IM conversation I had moments ago with one of my dearest friends, as we each worked on a homework assignment in our respective homes:
[01:15] SantoMariaDancia: i'm never going to bed
[01:15] SLM2849: aww
[01:16] SLM2849: keep hope alive!
[01:17] SLM2849: it's ur last year of school ever! you can do it!
[01:17] SantoMariaDancia: THANKS, SYD!
[01:18] SantoMariaDancia: you're such a good motivational speaker
[01:18] SLM2849: lolololol
[01:18] SLM2849: can we toast to this being the last year of school ever on a weekly basis?
[01:18] SLM2849: i think we should
[01:19] SantoMariaDancia: i think you're right
[01:19] SLM2849: and count down
[01:19] SantoMariaDancia: we should have some sort of calendar in our office
[01:20] SantoMariaDancia: . . . days til sanity
[01:20] SLM2849: omg yes!
[01:20] SLM2849: i'm so excited
[01:20] SantoMariaDancia: hahaha
[01:22] SLM2849: 250
[01:22] SLM2849: exactly
[01:23] SLM2849: until we graduate
[01:23] SantoMariaDancia: days?!?!?!?!?!
[01:23] SLM2849: 250 days til sanity

[02:00] SLM2849:
"Human beings are at their best when motivated by a purpose."
[02:01] SantoMariaDancia: where's that from
[02:01] SLM2849: course pack
[02:02] SLM2849: i thought it was relevant to us
[02:02] SantoMariaDancia: i'm surprised our names weren't mentioned as examples
[02:02] SLM2849: lol
[02:02] SLM2849: i
[02:02] SLM2849: love
[02:02] SLM2849: u
[02:02] SantoMariaDancia: haha
[02:02] SantoMariaDancia: i
[02:02] SantoMariaDancia: love
[02:02] SantoMariaDancia: u
[02:03] SantoMariaDancia: 2

1 comment:

Katrina said...

so cute. i wanna meet santo!

and this kinda made me sad because i'm only just starting med school and it already seems overwhelming!


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