Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Can't Let Go"

In a moment of boredom I googled the singing group my mother and Godparents were in during the early '80s, Parris. Lo and behold, I found their single "Can't Let Go" on YouTube (of course I found it there in this day and age of technology). They were the one hit wonders in the DC/MD/VA area back then. Enjoy this trip back down memory lane...

By the way, my Godmother is the female lead vocal, and my mom and Godfather do the skit in the middle. L O L! I love it!


jinglin' baby said...

"has she taken my place in your heart?!" - mama mosley


The Grandmaster Of Marketing said...

I have always loved this song. Who would have ever thought I would marry into the family.



Alisa said...

My niece is the Bestest nerd ever...great find!....luv aunt weesa!


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