Monday, July 21, 2014

A note from SLMDances' interns...

Brianna and Danielle at The Crown film shoot.
This summer SLMDances had the pleasure of hosting two high school interns from Achievement First Academy in Brooklyn. In just one week, the two rising seniors spent the week with the company diving into administrative work (emails, emails emails!), company rehearsal (taking the lead as assistant teachers for company class), accompanied us on creative research field trip (Kara Walker/Domino) and were production assistants for our dance film shoot with Shani Peters and her installation The Crown.

Below are their reflections on working with the company. 

Interns take the lead in rehearsal.
Danielle Soto-Binns: I chose this internship because I wanted to know everything about dance possible so that in the future I could perform or teach a physical activity. My goals for the week were to learn how to teach people who I do not know and describe what I am instructing them to do in a way that would be easy for them to understand. I also wanted to learn how to manage my time to get important work done and still sleep. In college, time management is one of the most valuable skills one can have in order to work efficiently. 

Taking the East River Ferry to Williamsburg.

Additionally, I enjoyed exploring places in New York City that were close to home in Brooklyn, but I never considered traveling to until now. Exploring New York taught me that there is more than just Brooklyn or a foreign country; there are places where we live that are affordable and enjoyable. I am learning to look for more activities to enjoy while I am still a student in New York City.


Emails! Emails! Emails!
Brianna Michelle Perry: As an intern my goals for this week were to be professional and be on time, and if I wasn't on time I needed to keep Ms. Mosley updated. These were my goals because my last internship I had a hard time waking up to reach my destination on time and it was unprofessional of me to not contact the people I was interning with and let them know. Over the past few days I have learned how to organize and assist in the management of communication and correspondence for SLMDances. These new skills will be helpful to me when I do community service hours in my school office working with the teachers.

Group selfie after Kara Walker Domino.
I enjoyed meeting the members of the dance company and being able to assist in teaching a class, warming up the dancers for rehearsal. Something I will take from this internship is that there is more to an artist than just performing. It takes administrative skills off the stage to communicate with other people about your work, in order to get your show to be successful.

It was a pleasure to work with Danielle and Brianna - and we look forward to the great things they will do in the future!

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