Wednesday, June 19, 2013

stream of consciousness

I forget that not everyone lives their life on 100.

I live my life doing a million things... functioning in intense spurts of activity. Everything happening all at once.

That space where the best thing to do is to put excellent support people around you to fill the gaps, anticipate your needs, and think of what you didn't think of.

Where everything is integrated. It all melds into one pot in your mind. Every experience influences the next. Sometimes it's a domino effect, other times it is like molding clay.

Still is all builds an embodied knowledge. An experiential learning which can be physically exhausting - unless you've built the stamina.

And keep pushing the stamina, consistently reaching your ceiling for how much you can do WELL at the same time.

It's a constant push-pull, up-down, wax-wane.

And I forget that everybody is not built. And that's okay.

Because sometimes I'm not either.

1 comment:

lex said...

Amen and ashe!


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