Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Love My YMCA

I love living and working in the same community. It's so much fun teaching the babies at the YMCA, and then seeing them in the supermarket or in the coffee shop later that day. (Most kids get really freaked out when they see you out of context. You can read it in their faces when they figure out you're a real person, not just the dancing lady who lives inside their community center.)  I love talking with parents on bus rides home. I enjoy this way continuing my connection to the Columbia community, where often times parents are students, faculty or staff at the university. But most of all, I like the feeling of supporting all the families I come into contact with, as much as they are supporting me.

So it is with great excitement that I share our feature on NBC's "George to the Rescue," which aired just this morning. Our center was chosen to have our kitchen remodeled (and trust me, it was in desperate need). We were also lucky to have Harlem celebrity chef, Marcus Samuelson offer his expertise and ideas to George. Check out the video below and see allllll of my babies! And you might even catch a couple glimpses of me with our pre-schoolers, and Grown Up and Me classes.  :)  

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