Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why would you put THAT on the internet?

Recently I had a conversation with a close friend who was entirely put off by a blog post I'd written a few months back. She found it offensive and couldn't believe that I would post something like it knowing that people might be offended by what I had to say. My post had actually damaged our friendship.


For a second I wondered, should I not write what I feel and think? Should I just keep my mouth shut? Apparently that's what she thought I should do. If I felt that way, keep it to myself.

Except... That's why I write a personal blog - because I have something to say and I want other people to know it. I am honest in this forum because I don't know how to be any other way, and trust me when I say what you read here is definitely censored. There is a lot more going on in my head. I read and re-read to make sure that I'm not being too wild.

Suddenly in this conversation with my friend my ethics were being called into question. My ethics as a writer and my ethics as a friend were coming into conflict. I got angry because the two should not be mutually exclusive. I shouldn't lose friends over my opinions without AT LEAST having an honest discourse about it first. That's another reason why I write this blog: to start a conversation, to incite thoughtful discussion. That's what the comment section of the blog is for. I read all comments and I try my best to respond to them all.

I realize that blogging lends itself to passive voyeurism. One can read what I have to say, form their own opinions (about the topic, about me), and never let me know otherwise. But my hope is that you will engage with me. Challenge me if you think I'm wrong.

So yes, I'm going to keep writing my blog and writing what I think. That's what writers do. Moreover, I'm going to keep the lines of communication open to talk to my friend about uncomfortable topics. That's what friends do.

In the meanwhile, make sure you read my disclaimer. Then let me know what you have to say.


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Andrea said...

Welll... I love reading your blog and everything you have to say in it. There have been some posts where I have been like SIDE EYE! I do appreciate you don't call people out by their real names... some people do that you know. All in all, I think in a personal blog, your thoughts, feelings, emotions are pretty much fair game. But I also sweat you, so I might be biased.


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