Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Memories

The Blizzard of '96 wins for the biggest snow storm I've ever lived through. I was in 5th grade and school was closed for a good week or so. At the time, my cousin Princess lived across the street at my grandma's house.  (Yes, you read right. Grandma and Granddad lived directly across the street.) So despite the snow, I had a built in playmate and did we play! We furrowed tunnels through the snow from one side to the other. We layed in the middle of the street and made snow angels. We played in it everyday until we were exhausted, because we were 9 years old and we could.

My sophomore year of college I managed to live in a single in 616 (a Barnard dorm on 116th street) It was unheardof for a sophomore to get a room by herself in the building unless she was an RA but somehow I finagled it. We lived on the 10th and top floor. With my bed planted right by the windows, everytime I gazed out during the winter I had a view clear down Claremont avenue and could easily be swept up in the beauty of the falling snow in front of the beautiful buildings that line the streets. That alone brought me more peace, than I could have gathered from anywhere else.

Tell me, what are your favorite snow memories?

 Riverside Drive in the snow


Crystal said...

My snow memories are that it seemed to snow like this every winter growing up. That was in the days when you expected to get a new sled for Christmas and were assured there would be several opportunities to use it especially in my neighborhood which had great downhill streets. Everyone would climb to the top of the street and pile on one sled or there would be sled racing where you would get a running start and dive stomach first on the sled. Great fun!

Sydnie said...

Wow! You know as well as I do, that I've NEVER been on a sled. That does sound like fun.


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