Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Anonymousless City

Why do I love New York City?

I used to say because of anonymity. I could wander aimlessly exploring the city and no one would know my name. New York was not like Baltimore, which I nicknamed "the biggest little city." In Baltimore, no matter where I went I ran into someone I knew.

The thing is, I can't claim anonymity anymore. Perhaps I've lived here too long. Talked to too many people. Wander around in the same circles a little too often. Counter to my intuition, New York wins the title for biggest little city.

I got on the train and sat down next to my ballet teacher who taught me at age 5 in Baltimore. I walked down the street and saw my bestestfriendinthewholewideworld sitting in a car in front of my work place. I stood on a train car next to the very person I was going to meet for dinner, completely oblivious until I was about to exit. On more than one occasion, I spotted former professors on subway station platforms (Barnard and Iowa). I walked into a high school classmate while navigating Times Square.

So why do I love New York City?

Because it is where my worlds collide. It is where Baltimore meets Barnard, and Barnard meets Ghana, and Ghana meets Iowa - and they all meet dance and good food and fun times.

I love New York City because it is the place where all the disparate parts of my life come together and make sense, manifesting into something greater than myself.

I love New York City.

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