Sunday, July 26, 2009

Walking in Williamsburg

One of the things that I love about New York City is the innumerable amount of things to see and do, and how just walking can be an adventure in and of itself.

Well yesterday's adventure landed myself and my dear Courtney in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - home of the hipster. But it wasn't hipster life or hang outs that drew us to this part of town, it was Miss Favela, a Brazilian restaurant having its weekly Feijoada Saturdays. Feijoada, a Brazilian dish traditionally consumed by the African slaves and their descendants has come to be the "national dish" of Brazil and is usually only served once a week (Saturdays). I was ecstatic to be able to partake in this tradition in NYC completed by a live samba band. After consuming the delicious beans, pork, collard greens (and usually there is rice), we got on our feet to dance! I taught Courtney the basic samba step and we shook our hips (almost) to our heart's content.

After leaving my new favorite place, we set out on a trek to find the L train which took us on an hour and half walk through Williamsburg. Though this part of the neighborhood was filled mostly with graffiti'd walls, large warehouses and seemed relatively deserted, we did come upon a few funky restaurants, shops, and other places of interest on our way.

Walking north on Wythe Ave, just a few blocks up from S. 5th Ave., there was the little sunflower garden adding a little life to the concrete sidewalk running through it and the empty parking lot behind it. We couldn't help but to stop and smell the flowers.

Amongst the many restaurants we passed by on Wythe Ave., we were intrigued by burger joint WilliamsBurger; quaint Italian eatery Aurora; and diner Relish, whose menu does a little more than the average diner.

We stopped into Fluke Vintage Clothing, where Courtney picked up a cute little sundress on sale. While they certainly had some quality clothing, I did think they were a bit over priced for styles that I could find for free raiding my mother's wardrobe from the '70s and '80s.

When we got a little more into town we passed by McCarren Park where crowds were gathered to listen to live music.

And finally, finally after asking the hipsters to point us in the right direction, we found the L that brought us back into Manhattan. All in all, it was a lovely afternoon exploring the treasure chest that Williamsburg seems to be. I plan to be back at Miss Favela on another Saturday for Feijoada and Samba, and certainly on a Sunday for some Forro dancing!!

Anyone care to join me?

p.s. If you're interested in more of what's in Williamsburg check out

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