Monday, February 2, 2009

13 Mondays

Today marks the 13th Monday, in the countdown of Mondays in my last semester of school (possibly) forever.

As such, I am promptly preparing for L.A.S. (Life After School). L.A.S. is actually kind of a difficult thing to really grasp since this is the 20th consecutive year that I have spent in school and I'm going on 24 years old. But as much as love school I am beyond ready to be done and thus the hardest job of all - finding a job - begins.

My goals: Move east to an urban center (DC, Baltimore, Philly and NYC are the acceptable venues) and find job(s) that has to do with dance (teaching, choreographing, performing, administration - in no particular order).

I'm sending out a few applications right now... but should anyone have any leads PLEASE let me know and pass my name along. You can also direct people to my profile on the online professional networking site LinkedIn.

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