Sunday, January 19, 2014

Frances Ha

I watched "Frances Ha" this evening and I have a few thoughts:

(1) Yay Greta Gerwig, fellow Barnard woman!
(2) RIP D.N.A.
(3) Hey Sarah Chien and Hollis Bartlett -- loved your cameos. :)
(4) It is like GIRLS, if Hannah were a dancer (and could ever get her ish together).
(5) BUT it's better than GIRLS (because she gets her ish together).
(6) This is real life: living out of a storage unit. living in the living room of an apartment with 2 guys. relieved to travel home for quality family time during the holidays to receive desperately needed t.l.c. (more of that: here and here).
(7) Frances + Sophie's relationship is one I know all too well. I'm glad it turned out well for them, because it doesn't always.

This movie gave me a lens to revisit my journey. In the five years since I chucked the deuces to Iowa, I have come a mighty long way personally and professionally. Even still, I am struggling and exhausted while continuing to be blessed, productive, and making progress.

I'm thankful that I've kept this record of it all.

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