Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let go. Let in.

11:28pm. I just had that moment when I let go of my New Yorker-ness. The New Yorker-ness that gets pissed because I'm sitting on the L train platform at Bedford Ave and the next Manhattan bound train isn't for 14 minutes. The New Yorker-ness that is concerned for the amount of work that needs to be accomplished in the crunch of a few days.

I let go and let in the sounds of the man on the platform singing "Hallelujah" on his acoustic guitar. I let in the fact that I got to dance today - soak myself in an improvisational dance with a wonder(ful) mover, directed by one of the most open and giving women I know. I let in the deep, full spontaneous laughter that took over when the same singer paused his tune mid-phrase like a button on a tape deck to make a cd sale to the pretty blonde woman holding a crisp twenty.

And on the same day that I exhausted my physical energy and my voice directing teenagers on how to perform, I celebrated one of my best friends as he turns 30. I remember when he turned 25 and we did not live here. I'm glad we live here now.

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