Tuesday, July 17, 2012

National No Bra Day. Hmph.

Allow me to rant for a moment. Last week at some point was declared National No Bra Day. I was busy in teaching-land when I read this commentary on the Huffington Post, so I had more important things on my mind then to respond right away. Today, however, is a different day.

The reader's digest version is this: Ann Brenoff, the author, hates bras. She is indeed a bra-burning hippie but more than that, to her, bras are uncomfortable. The only reason she even half-way wears them now is because of her foray into the corporate sector. Not wearing a bra is trés-unprofessional. And oh yes, as an aside she hints that the founder of National No Bra Day is just in it for the money.

My bone to pick comes in here, when she says:
Once you put them on, bras just aren't all that comfortable, especially if you have actual breasts. (You size A cups may feel free to leave the post now, since you likely won't have a clue what I'm talking about.) Underwires cut and leave marks; straps dig into your shoulders and at the end of the day, your back and neck hurt.
I beg to differ Ms. Brenoff. Bras are uncomfortable when you aren't wearing the proper one, and my guess is that you, like most women, have no idea what your proper bra size is. Let us all remember the episode of Oprah, when she showed American women the light.

I cannot imagine a life in which I walked around without a bra. My breasts, as much as I love them, do not need to freely swing and bounce about, weigh me down or any of the other activities they will take part in ON THEIR OWN should I not wear that handy-dandy undergarment called a bra. If you belong to the group of women who have "under boob" (if you have it, you know what I mean), then you probably truly appreciate the wonders of a bra. 

And yes, I do deem myself a bit of an expert on the subject, because well, I have breasts. Large ones. Larger than you'd think for my frame. And I've had no choice but to be properly fitted and buy real bras at lingerie stores since I was a teenager. I also am a fan of bra-sized swimwear and pjs. Yes, it does exist! We already know one-size does not fit all, and your boobs don't need to be all over the place at swim-time and bed-time. It is a financial investment, but well worth it. This is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Here's my favorite shop and they have great sales.

I feel a lot better now. Like I've done my community service for the week.

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, here is how to find the right size bra. Thank me later. Love, Syd

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