Monday, February 14, 2011

Doing Business As

If you pay attention to my twitter rants you might know that I kicked off 2011 with an individual donor campaign called Seed the Dream. In this campaign, I invited only 20 close friends, family and associates to send me small contributions. I curated this list with people who I know for a fact believe in my potential to make this dance company happen. My thinking is that if every person sent me $50, I could raise $1000 to jump start my business. If you believe in me and would like to also contribute toward that goal, just click the DONATE button to your left.


One of the things I am raising money for is the cost to register a new business. Months ago, I asked around about this process. Apparently, I needed to go to City Hall to buy the "Doing Business As" form from a coffee cart (o_O), fill it out, get a receipt. Seems easy enough, right?

Keep in mind, that I thought I was going to take care of this formality back in September. Then I started inquiring as to whether I should create an LLC right away (and I was still toying with the idea of making my own non-profit). It is now February, and after many conversations with JDs, MBAs, and CPAs, I've come to the conclusion that a DBA is right for me... and then I didn't have any more money.

Enter Seed the Dream.

Then enter my search for the mysterious coffee cart where you purchase official business documents.

I finally scheduled myself to take care of this on Friday, February 11. It was a convenient appointment since I planned to take class with Adrienne Westwood at DNA, which is right down on Chambers Street next to City Hall. In this particular area of New York City there are several municipal buildings. I was not sure which to go to, so I asked police security stationed between buildings. He pointed to a building and I walked into a lobby full of people.

There was a lot of commotion. People were dressed up in suits, ties and dresses. Cameras were flashing like paparazzi. Is this where people come to register their businesses? I thought. All the flowers around tipped me off. This is where people come to get married. I must have walked into 100 weddings looking for a coffee cart that I did not find. Do you know that they even have a shop in this municipal building that sells you a variety of wedding bouquets?

I asked another security officer, "Where do I go to register my business?" He sent me across the street to 60 Centre Street, Room 141B. Unfortunately, when I climbed the stairs to the front door, the doors were locked and there was a little printed out sign that read:

Courts closed on Friday, February 11 for President Lincoln's Birthday.

After all of that? Good grief! So much for Doing Business As Sydnie L. Mosley Dances today...

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