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November Happenings

It is a busy fall season, but with the change of the weather has come exciting opportunity and exposure for my dancing and choreography. Please take a look at what is happening in November and I hope to see you at the show!

Quoted in the
Wall Street Journal October 25th!
The article covers an event held at LaGuardia Community College called The Art of Money, a "financial literacy fair" targeting members of the creative economy. She was quoted saying "I need a financial plan ... for my life. My life is nuts," she said. "I dance. I choreograph. I choreograph for other companies. I freelance. How can I make money by making dances?" As many of today’s artists are learning, one must play more roles than that of the artist in order to become successful. For the whole article
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The Magic of 25 featured as The Last Word in the fall issue of Barnard Magazine, Barnard College’s alumnae publication.

Sydnie (and a photo of her work, “Home”) featured in several media outlets this week as a dancer/choreographer participant in the
NYFA Boot Camp Arts Festival series for her upcoming show at Surreal Estate!
Performing self-choreographed solo
Love Stutter (2008) Friday, November 12th at Artists’ Salon, an invitation only event. Hosted by the production house, stir, under the direction of Catherine Eaton. Sponsored by RogerSmithArts, under the direction of Matt Semler. Held at the illustrious Roger Smith Hotel, owned by the renowned sculptor/painter James Knowles. The salons are evenings in which artists and creatives share work across disciplines to provoke and stimulate in an atmosphere of dining, drinking and beauty.

Sharing three works at Surreal Estate (15 Thames St, Bklyn) on Friday, November 19th as a part of NYFA Boot Camp Arts Festival Presents: PERFORMANCE: Theater + Dance - $5-$15 (recommended) at the door
- Subways: L to Morgan Ave

As part of the New York Foundation for the Arts’ “NYFA Boot Camp Arts Festival” (Nov 4 -     20), a showcase of work by 38 visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, choreographers, and authors, Sydnie will be sharing an evening with writer and actress Catherine Eaton who will perform excerpts from her one-woman show “Life in Paraguay,” interspersed between three of Sydnie’s works:

Home, a diptych (2010) is structured as a diptych, two parallel dances: The Living Room Dance (Aya Wilson) and In the Kitchen (Amy Blumberg and Kyle Gerry). The work contends with dreaming big while living in crowded tiny New York City spaces. How do we negotiate productivity in these spaces? How do the spaces become marked as private or intimate? As home?

The work is re-developed since its June 2010 premiere as a part of the ChoreOBJECTography series. Collaborators include dancers Amy Blumberg, Kyle Gerry, Tara Willis and Aya Wilson; and original music by singer-songwriter Meghan Sebold with editing and arrangement by Ebonie Smith.

Fall(ter)ing Prays (2007) a solo about self-reliance and faith, created for and performed by Amy Blumberg.

Love Stutter (2008), Sydnie’s self-choreographed solo in which she works through the struggle of having great passion for something and trying to attain it.

For a complete NYFA Boot Camp Arts Festival schedule visit

Adult Afro Modern Class Mondays 7:00- 8:00pm at Brooklyn Ballet

A fan of Sydnie’s work but looking for a more hands experience? This class is a great opportunity to explore her unique combination of modern dance technique and Ghanaian traditional dance. The class is targeted at beginners so all are welcome. Located at 160 SCHERMERHORN STREET, BROOKLYN, NY 11201. For more information and complete listings go to

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