Saturday, June 5, 2010

Love Stutter Updates: June Happenings

My summer is starting off busy and I invite you to share in all that I am doing. Mark your calendars and I'll see you at the show! :)

*I'm featured on as an "Up and Coming: Young Minority Artist and Entrepreneur." Check the link to the article and photo gallery where you'll find me at #19. :)

*Afro Modern had its last class for the spring semester this past Tuesday. Look forward to the class coming back in the fall on Mondays 7-8 pm. Click Here for more info on open teen/adult classes at Brooklyn Ballet.

*Collaborator Amy Jacobus and I (in both choreography and performance) will be showing a new work entitled Powers of i on Friday, June 11 at 4 pm on Governor's Island as a part of the FIGMENT Festival. (Click the link for more info.) Please come, it's FREE!

Powers of i is an ever-changing modern dance that explores the art of creativity in a surprisingly mathematical manner. The duet morphs into something new with each audience, as viewers reshape the space and contribute to the sound score, rearranging the sequence of movement events in the process. Providing observations on choreographic procedure, Powers of i is formulaic in its construction, complex in its design and meticulous in its execution. Follow and alter our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of movement to a final solution.
Passive viewing is discouraged. Grab a part of the problem and move it to a new point in the space. Vocalize what you’re rearranging and watch the dance move in a new direction.

*I will premiering another new work called HOME on Saturday, June 19 at 8 pm as a part of the ChoreOBJECTography series. It takes place at 330 Melrose St. Rooftop Brooklyn, NY 11237. For ticket information please call 917-536-8838.

The evening is structured as a social gathering with performances intermixed in a casual and fun community environment.  Following the dance performances there will be a DJ and dance party.  Throughout the evening beverages will be provided and a relaxing and fun evening will be had on the expansive roof top in Bushwick Brooklyn. NOTE: No one under 21 years old will be admitted.
HOME is structured as a diptych, two parallel dances: The Living Room Dance and In the Kitchen. The work contends with dreaming big while living in crowded tiny NYC spaces. How do we negotiate productivity in these spaces? How do the spaces become marked as private or intimate? As home?

Collaborators include dancers Amy Blumberg, Kyle Gerry, and Tara Willis; and original music by singer-songwriter Meghan Sebold.

*INSPIRIT performs Tuesday, June 22 at 7:30 pm.
Thelma Hill Performing Arts Center: Souls of our Feet: People of Color Dance Festival
Kumble Theater
1 University Plaza
Brooklyn, NY 11201-5372
Tickets: (718) 488-1000

SAY IT LOUD: the bodies of women, the voices of men uses the bodies of women to give life to the thoughts and passions of male vocalists, composers, spoken word and hip-hop artists. This multi-media work builds a tapestry through the mediums of text, movement, music and two-dimensional imagery that display and contextualize the voices of marginalized populations by researching and re-telling the stories of those in poverty, youth who feel disempowered, women and men in abusive relationships and victims of racism, sexism, and capitalism. Say It Loud finds a common humane thread that illustrates resistance and survival.

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