Friday, May 14, 2010

The Magic Birthday (because 5.10.10=25)

This week a momentous occasion in my life happened. I turned 25. Old enough to know a little something, young enough to know there's waaay more to know. And because the numbers of my actual birth day this year all add up, I feel like there is a little magic in the air for what is to come.

18 deemed me old enough to make important life decisions. 21 gave me a little wisdom coupled with experience. 22 moved me out of my safe, happy place. 23 was Iowa. 24 was Transition. And 25, well, is the year my rocket ship takes off and keeps straight up until it reaches the moon and the stars.

I am so blessed and so thankful. I can't say that enough. I can't show other people that enough. Sometimes I get caught up spinning in my own little world and I need to just step outside of myself and say Thank you Lord. Thank you loved ones. Thank you.

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