Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Love Stutter is 1 year old.

Last summer, when I sat down and typed out the first few entries of this blog, I was looking for a vehicle for my rants and raves on all aspects of my life. Blogging became an informal, yet very public way of making statements and asking questions, with hopes to get some feedback from all the eyes browsing through cyberspace. This blog has served me well in all my hopes of what it might be.

Yet, Love Stutter is looking at a makeover in the upcoming year. In conjunction with the forthcoming launch of my website sydnielmosley.com, Love Stutter will still rant and rave, but also promote ME! as I venture into the professional dance world of New York City. I'm hoping to merge the personal and professional, as I document my adventures in the "real world." I hope readers will put in their two cents: correct me if I'm wrong, co-sign when I'm right, agree to disagree and let me know your opinions.

I'll be attempting to post more consistently, every other day, so SUBSCRIBE! so you can get a word from me in your inbox often.

Until then, however, I leave you with some oldies but goodies:

Too Fat to Dance

Baby Mama

Santa Claus Came to Town

Dancing Dreams

Black Women, Barnard, nature and God (a free write)

Face to Face

Pork Chops Never Tasted So Good (you seriously have to try this recipe!)

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