Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Dancing: Playing Soccer

If anyone has been following my tweets, then they know that for the past few weeks I have been rehearsing the "soccer dance," officially titled National Passion, choreographed by Armando Duarte. The work really explores and illustrates the game from a Brazilian point of view, with the fun, physicality and most importantly, reverence that Brazilians have for the game.

Now as much as I love to move, I've never been much of an athlete. Basically, if an activity didn't involve music and dance I wasn't interested. Not to mention that my hand-eye coordination has always been a bit less than stellar. BUT the process of learning this work has included learning how to handle and maneuver a soccer ball, and it turns out I'm not half bad. (Probably because I spend more time dancing around the ball, than actually handling it.)

Anyways, I have been having a blast rehearsing this work and would love for all those who are willing and able to come see the performance of National Passion and other Latin-themed works in the UI Department of Dance's Summer Dance Concert. (Yes, this is a shameless plug.) June 4, 5 & 6. 8 pm. Space Place Theater, North Hall, UI Campus. See you there!

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