Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham

Dr. Seuss had the right idea.

Here's a way to get your ruffage in the A.M. Yum.

General Notes on My Recipes: Portion sizes are generally for one or two (multiply as necessary); measuring is rarely exact (taste it or eye ball it); ingredients can always be exchanged for what you prefer or what you have (be creative); don't be mad at me if it didn't turn out right (you made it, not me!).

Green Eggs (No Ham, I added toast instead.)

Take a handful of fresh kale (washed and dried) and roughly chop it into small bits. Combine with generous amounts of shredded mozzarella, asiago, romano, and parmesan cheeses. In another bowl beat two eggs and pour over kale and cheese mixture. Add fresh ground black pepper. Thoroughly mix everything so that the egg coats all the kale.

Heat up a pan and add a little tab of butter (or spray with Pam if you prefer). Pour mixture in pan and continually scramble around as you usually would scrambled eggs until egg is fully cooked and cheese fully melted.

Serve with toast or ham or whatever you like. :-)

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