Tuesday, December 23, 2008

to Bikini or not to Bikini?

Well, I have been preparing for Brazil with a bit of shopping and one of the must-haves on the shopping list is a new bathing suit...


Bathing suit shopping has always been trouble because I am so top heavy with small hips. In the past few years I did find one suit that fit (with a little alteration) which I dubbed The Pink Goodness. But alas, I am now swimming in The Pink Goodness without even being in water, and I cannot go all the way to Copacabana without a bathing suit.

To top it off, it's winter and if you haven't noticed bathing suits aren't exactly hanging on the racks in every store. So tonight I embarked on an online search for a new suit. I found some great ones...

But they only come in regular women sizes 2 - 14. No matter what size I choose, this means either major breast spillage, or lots of saggy butt action. Again, the age old PROBLEM has arisen, even more so than ever before. How do I buy a one piece bathing suit when the top half of me fits medium-large sizes while the bottom half fits small sizes?? My mother's answer: Get a bikini.

Now this is something I have been considering for the past couple of months, but to actually do it (that is, buy and wear one) seems daunting. Why is this so daunting, you may ask? (I do realize bathing suit = bikini for many - dare I say most? - young women my age). Because I've never worn a two piece bathing suit. I always knew I didn't have the body for one, was peaceful and content with that knowledge, and I moved on.

Now, for the practical reasons of being able to mix, match and buy separate pieces that fit(!) I'm trying to decide if I am really ready to bare the belly?! It's flat, mildly toned, and minimally pudgy - but it's never gone public and seen the light of day. I've been looking at beach pics of friends and strangers who bare the midriff, and I guess I fit in with them now that I've got this smaller body, but wow... I feel like I'd feel... naked.

My first thought was baby steps... tankini. But most of the ones I came across were not fly. With my aim to bare a little of the belly, with the tankini's on that I saw, I might as well wear a one piece. So my mom and I scoured the internet searching for bikinis for big breasted women. We found a couple that piqued my interest...

...but no sure winners.

Anyways, I'm interested to know how other people feel about baring the belly. What kind of shape should your midsection be in to see the sun? Or does it not matter? Is the only thing that matters the way a woman feels about her own body?

And let me know if you like any of the suits I posted... maybe it will help me quickly make a decision.


Anonymous said...
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jinglin' baby said...

welll sydnie! congrats on even being able to consider wearing a bikini! i say....go for it! yes u are top heavy, but there is definitely something out there for you. and i mean, if ur gonna go bear belly for the first time...it might as well be in brazil :)

Alyce said...

Hey Sydney! I generally say wear whatever you feel comfortable in. I love big girls who wear bikinis who obviously feel good about the way they look. If photos from my friend's holidays are any indication, you'll probably see lots of women in Brazil like that (in addition to the tiny waifs in thongs...). I know I am "small enough" to wear a bikini, but I never have because I always feel too self conscious to actually enjoy myself.


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