Monday, February 22, 2016

#BBHMM: Understanding the artist's body as business

Recently, I have been working in a beautiful partnership with two of my favorite people: A. Nia Austin-Edwards, founder of Purpose Productions, and Kendra Ross, founder of STooPS Bedstuy. Alec  Duffy who operates the Brooklyn performance space JACK, opened his doors to us and with BodyBusiness still on our hearts and minds we crafted a workshop to address the practicalities of negotiating compensation between artists and organizations. 

Here you'll find a recap of that event through a compilation of live tweets. Take a look and stay tuned because there is a lot more #BBHMM to come. 


benilhalk said...

What a fantastic event it was!! I am in love with these photos. If you have details regarding upcoming events being hosted at local event space NYC then please let me know!! I would love to be a part of them!

Sydnie Mosley said...

Hey benihalk! Thanks so much. We will be having upcoming events. Can you send an email to I will add you to our #BBHMM mailing list to keep you abreast of when we do this next. Wishing you the best!


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