Friday, July 20, 2012

Words on Colorado and Weekly Round Up

  1. My heart goes out to all the people directly affected by the shootings in Colorado. The word tragedy simply isn't enough to describe the horror these people must be going through, especially when all they did was go to the movies, like 9/11, when all folks did was go to work. This is domestic terrorism to the 10th power - senseless, insane. May the minds and spirits of those affected be healed and grow stronger in due time.
  2. The movies is a place I love to go. Most of us do, but I think we'll all be taking a bit of a break in the coming weeks. This incident reminds us that no public space is truly safe to go. How sad. I wonder how movie culture will change? Will they install metal detectors in theaters like they did in schools after Colombine? Will they pat you down for no reason like they started to do in airports after 9/11? People should not be afraid to go to the movies. Living life out of fear is not fruitful in any way, but my father's ever true advice, to "keep your eyes and ears open," echoes in my mind.
  3. Media outlets are in a frenzy over this and I can't take it. My twitter timeline this morning was overdosing on Colorado commentary by the second. When I turned on the television it was breaking news on all the channels, but the worst part was the replays of YouTube videos posted by people who were there. First of all, who had the presence of mind in the midst of a MASS SHOOTING to video or take pictures with your cellphone?! Aren't you trying not to die? Moreover, if I was not there I do not need to live through the insanity - or relive it again and again and again vicariously through your cellphone.
The media has no heart. I keep going back to the 9/11 example, but remember how they just showed that footage of the 2nd plane crashing into the building over and over? The image is forever etched in my mind. No one needs visuals of real tragedy forever branded in their brains. 
Today is a great day for journalists. Who broke the story first? Who has the second by second updates? Who has sound bytes, images, video of what really happened? Who can get an interview with the suspect, his family or friends to find out what was really going on with him? Who can get the best victim-interview? Who will be hot on the detective's trail as he pieces this tragedy together? I could not be a journalist.
*sigh* The bright side is, there are indeed less depressing things to engage with on the internet:
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I'm loving the LOVE!

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