Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekly Round Up: Frank Ocean, Katie Glasner, Oprah, Coco Fusco

It's Friday-Funday! This week has been super awesome because I'm in HEAVEN teaching a summer course in Dance at Barnard for high school students. Woot! Woot! I'll tell you more about that wonderfulness later, but until then here's this week's round up: 


What EVERYBODY is talking about:

Frank Ocean Say He Gay 

"That is what I heard a group of teenagers say the other day, here on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, when it came out that Frank Ocean had revealed a past love affair with a man. There was no judgment in that remark, no gay bashing, not even the slightest hint of hatred or disgust hovering about them. It just is."


What I'M talking about (seriously, I'm quoted):

Check out this beautiful write up of a great teacher of mine who is being recognized for her greatness.

The 2012 Dance Teacher Awards: Katie Glasner


TWEET of the week:


For gorgeous PHOTOS and a good STORY:

Mater Mea gives us an intimate portrait of one of my favorite scholar-artist-rock stars, Coco Fusco.


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