Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Show Girls: Rockettes

Today I'm showing a classic: the Rockettes Toy Soldier number from the annual Christmas Spectacular, which I saw last year live for the first time in 15 years and oh, what a spectacle. It included animals on the stage, streamers in the audience, a moving orchestra pit, a stage that moves in 3 parts and rotates, a 3D movie screen,  and little people. It was the turn of the century world's fair packed into 2 hours in 2010, but I've digressed...

What I like about this routine is that it is about uniformity stacked on top of uniformity. The precision of troops who follow orders in the army is pretty much the same for Rockettes. Perfect formations are dependent on every one following exact individual directions to create a whole picture. Enjoy!


*If you're just tuning into the Show Girls video series, all the videos are related to my choreographic process in The Window Sex Project. Click here to catch up.

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