Friday, July 1, 2011

Lessons learned from Beyonce.

I'm probably #late seeing this, but I thought I'd share anyway:

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Now for the lessons learned...

  1. Bey ain't no ballet dancer. She's got a mean strut, and I know she's in the studio all the time taking class and learning choreo - dare I say, more than me? But ooooo girl, them claws while you were doing a plie. Moving on...
  2. She's bordering on "O" power. Umm, this chick definitely sent somebody to Africa to go FIND (as in search out because we don't have their address) and BRING HER the dudes dancing in the YouTube video. That's some I'm Oprah and I'm Running The World kinda stuff.
  3. "Do it because you love it." Amen.
  4. I can be an artist and a business woman and a scholar too. I just have to manage my life down to the seconds. It can be done. It will be done.
Thanks B. I needed that. 


Grace said...

can you explain the first one? What do you think her dance training is like? I can tell she is a quick study, but I can never tell what precisely is her background.

Sydnie said...

She's definitely a quick study. Great mover. But I'd put her in the hip hop/jazz category - emphasis on hip hop. She's not about to bust out multiple pirouettes.


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