Friday, October 17, 2008


Today I became a registered voter in Iowa and marked my ballot for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I took my time, made sure there weren't any reasons for someone to throw my ballot out (i.e. stray marks on the ballot) and then stood in my little voting booth and prayed over it. Yes, I got Jesus involved too, because it's gonna take that kinda power to make this happen.

I had originally planned to vote absentee in Maryland, but I thought that for the greater good of overpowering all those McCain-Palin lawn signs I've been seeing on my jogging route, I needed to vote where it would really count. So I sucked it up and registered here, which meant basically admitting to myself that I am indeed a resident of the state of Iowa.

Anyways, I voted early (because you can in Iowa) to make sure it got done without any trouble.

Now I charge all of you reading to VOTE and PRAY!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

congrats my sweet! sorry about having to register there, but your vote will matter in a totally different way there than in maryland. 08AMA!!!


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