Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The One Art Project

What is art?
How is it so universal, and yet interpreted so differently by different artists around the world?
Why is it so important to cultures all around the world?
Who are artists and why do they create?

Who better than artists themselves to answer these fundamental questions?

The One Art Project explores the meaning of art through a collection of video portraits of artists from around the world. -Damel Dieng,
I am honored to be one of the first artists featured in artist photographer and film maker Damel Dieng's ambitious project: The One Art Project. A talented artist himself, Damel has been an integral part of the SLMDances family as our logo designer and visual brand consultant. Now, he is deepening our understanding of art by profiling a day in the life of up to 100 artists of different mediums, backgrounds and locations in the world. Please take a look at the portrait of myself and artists Rosemary Feit Covey and Mejah Mbuya. Share and join in the community as Damel opens the portal to a multifaceted portrait of art and artists.

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