Thursday, August 12, 2010

I like smart boys.

A few weeks ago The Roomie brought over his "trade" cousin. "Trade," as it is used in that sentence, refers to a heterosexual male.* Not many of them grace our home with their presence. We should have been so honored.

After being forced to examine him (*gasp* there are heterosexuals of the opposite sex in our apartment!), the Trade is cute. Tall, about my complexion, medium athletic build. He's an around-the-way kind of dude. From my limited interactions with him I can tell that he's a sweet heart, and also about his business. He's got, as they say, swagger for days. But he's just not my type. I should also say that he was recently released from prison. And though he's repaid his debt to society and it probably shouldn't weigh in on how I feel about him, it does.

Trade thinks I'm cute. In fact, Trade looked through The Roomie's phonebook to get my number and started texting me. Can you say LOL?

He tried to take a picture of me. I pulled Dancer D's Yankee fitted over my face. His response: "Now you looking all sexy like Nu-Nu from ATL."

S M H.

The Roomie and Dancer D keep asking me why I won't give him any play? Are they honestly puzzled? I like smart** boys. The ones who are more or less on the straight and narrow. The kind who read a lot, write well, think critically, and engage in conversations beyond the surface.

Yes, Trade is cute, but I'm not attracted to him. Is that really hard to understand?

I get that men are visual. So in male homosexual relationships, that notion is doubled. But the way my roommates were talking, it was if his looks and generally kind demeanor should be the only grounds for me to engage in a relationship with him, a physical one at that.

Umm, no.

At least for this heterosexual woman, you have to do a lot more than sit and look pretty for me to want to sit close to you. At the very least you've got to be smart. That's how you MIGHT get a date.

*Part of my experience living with two gay men has been learning their language. I'm thinking there really should be a dictionary.
**I should clarify that I realize being "smart" doesn't always mean you have a college degree, or are on that path; however, I am a college educated woman and just honestly prefer to keep the company of a similar individual. I should also say that I've never had a real conversation with Trade and so he could be as smart as a whip, but the exterior counts, and I don't see myself walking down the street with a dude wearing a do rag and a fitted. :/


Tara Aisha Willis said...

...In fact, I've met one or two college educated pretty boys who don't cut it as "smart" either, much as they may know, sweet as they may be, and as many of my hormones as they may awaken...

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