Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Window Sex Project

Perhaps you've heard me talking about this in passing, or you've not heard of it all -- but now is the time to know about it: The Window Sex Project is officially happening!

This summer I am leading three community dance workshops in Harlem for women ages 18-35 to creatively respond to that pesky habit men can't seem to get rid of in a hot New York City summer: Street Harassment. Seriously, I'm so annoyed on a regular basis I've already written about it here and here.  And when you're done reading that then you can check out what Sista Toldja over at The Beautiful Struggler brilliantly wrote about it here, here and here. My girl Leah did a one woman show about it last year: here. And if that doesn't clue you in enough, watch this:

So this project - this dance - is how Sydnie is dealing with it. It is how I am rallying together with my fellow neighbors in Harlem, women in NYC, and artist-activists to make change, strengthen my self-defense arsenal and generally have a better quality of life. Will it make dude on the corner stop hollerin' EVERY single time I walk out my door? Probably not. But maybe this will help chip away at the culture that makes him think it's OK to ask me every day, "You going to school now? Don't play hookey... Beautiful," followed by the dirty-old-man stare.

Anyways, this is a COMMUNITY project and guess what? That means YOU.

First thing, check out the WEBSITE.

Second thing, check out how you can LAUNCH THE PERFORMANCE.

ONLINE REGISTRATION is now live for you to take part in a workshop.

Last thing... SPREAD THE WORD.

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