Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fashion Sense

It was my college roommate who instilled in me the pride of getting dressed everyday. Yes, I understand that we all put clothes on, but the getting dressed I'm referring to involves more than walking into your closet with a blindfold on and putting on the first thing your hand touches. She taught me that wearing a dress or a skirt, your pearls and other lovely and fun jewelry needn't be saved for a special occasion. Every day is a day to look fabulous.

This is a gem of wisdom I believe is lost to our culture today.

Kate Winslet's dress pictured is one of the fabulous pieces featured in her latest movie "Revolutionary Road." Set in 1950s suburban America, this is what she wears to town to run errands. Yes, that's right - she wore this fierce dress to run errands. When you woke up this morning to run your errands what did you put on? I bet it wasn't your pearl earrings, red lipstick and short white gloves.

I'm not saying that this level of dressing up is necessary to go to the grocery store or pick up and drop off the kids from school, but what's wrong with a day dress or jeans and a blouse? I mean, it's almost a crime how popular and NECESSARY a show like What Not to Wear is.

It seems like people don't care what they look like anymore. They don't take any pride in getting dressed and presenting themselves. And I guess I just find it sad. I just want people to care. (Kinda wish I could do a Care Bear Stare to save Americans from their lack of fashion sense.)

All I can do is continue to dress myself, and hope that as I let my light shine, it will inspire others to do the same.

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